Beside all activities KEDA is able to do for your organization, KEDA is also able to teach you many of its specialties in training sessions so you can bring your organization to the next level by yourself. KEDA gives training sessions in different fields. All training sessions are available both online and offline, but we advise the offline option for a greater result. The KEDA training sessions are available for the following subjects.

Training options

Event training



The event training sessions focus on creating and managing the ideal event for your organization.  It’s possible to focus on the basic principles of event organization and management or to specify the training sessions on a current event of your organization. 

Social Media training


KEDA Sports Consultancy offers training sessions about Social Media for individuals, and groups (group size may variate). These training sessions will teach you everything you need to know about managing your Social Media Business pages. These sessions will teach you how to become the social media expert of your organization. See our Social Media marketing page for more information.

All training sessions are available both online and offline although we advise the offline training for a greater result

Please contact us for a free and personalized offer for your training sessions.