Social Media marketing

In the world of sports marketing Social Media is very important. The digital world is developing every single day which makes it very important to stay on top of these developments with your sports federation, club or organization. KEDA Sports Consultancy is able to help you out with, probably the most important part of, online marketing in today’s society: Social Media. 

Social Media marketing and management training

KEDA Sports Consultancy offers training sessions about Social Media for individuals, and groups (group size may variate). These training sessions will teach you everything you need to know about managing your Social Media Business pages. These sessions will teach you how to:

 Manage your company's Social Media pages like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Linkedin

Develope a maximum organic reach

Use paid advertisments on Social Media successfully 

All our tips and tricks to reach your personal goal

Become the Social Media Expert in your environment

KEDA offers standard training sessions for Social Media beginners and more detailed training sessions for advanced Social Media users. Please contact us for a free offer and a personalized training programm.

Social Media manegement

Social Media Marketing is vital for almost every organization nowadays. Besides, in the world of sports Social media is a very powerful tool to reach your target within seconds. KEDA Sports Consultancy can manage all social media channels for your organization, federation, club or event in a professional way. The advantages of choosing KEDA as your Social Media manager are:

No worries about the management of all your Social Media pages

Structural management, which will guarantee you of a raise in followers and reach and will help you to reach your targets

Transparent process so you will be able to follow every step

Maximum result with your Social Media budget

Curious what KEDA is able to do for you? Please contact us to get a free consult and offer.