Sports Marketing

Marketing in the world of sports wasn’t a big item for years, but the last years sports marketing has become one of the most important parts of every sport.


The official definition of sports marketing is using specific marketing principles and processes on sports products and services and the dissertation of non-sport products by associating them with sports.



So sports marketing is not only there to improve the number of participants or spectators of an event, the market position of a sports venue or branding an athlete or a team but also to create and use the association of a product or brand with sport. 

From market research to marketing strategies

KEDA Sports Consultancy is the perfect organization to help you out with your sports marketing issues. KEDA is capable of the following services to improve your position in sports marketing:

Checking and evaluating your current market position

Doing sports market research

To draft a sports marketing plan

To draft a complete sponsor strategy from beginning till end

To draft a an event plan from start till finish

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