Event Organization

The main focus of KEDA Sports Consultancy is organizing sport events for different sports. KEDA organizes it's own events, but also organizes events in co-operation or as an assignment for sport federations, clubs or other organizations. 

Hiring KEDA for the organization of your events

KEDA is very competent in event organization, manegement and marketing. We our capable of organizing local, regional, national and international events. Hiring KEDA for your event will mean the following for you:


A professional and skilled organization for your event

You still own the event

A transparent process and clear explanation about the organization of the event

No concerns about your event, everything will be taken care of by KEDA

No result = no payment

Please contact us for a free consultancy to see what KEDA is able to do for your event. 

Event training and consultancy

KEDA also provides organizations with event consultancy. Are you having trouble with getting the results you want during uour event. KEDA is able to help you out. We analyze your event and process to provide you with a high quality advise. We even are able to take the first steps for you. KEDA's event consultancy is great for you, because:

Great service to help your event out of trouble

Structured research and advise to get your event back on track

Possibilty to let KEDA manage your event untill everything is going the right way

Please contact us for a free consult so we can show you what we are able to do for you.

Event training

Are you interested in organizing you own event, but not quite sure if you have all it takes to do this? Then KEDA Consultancy is an option for you! We can help you with any problems you may encounter during your process.  

If you want to learn how to set up an amazing event then our event training might be a good choice for you. Our training sessions are available both online and offline. Learn more about all our training sessions on our Training page.

Corporate events

KEDA also organizes corporate events. These events could be a bussiness event during an existing sports event or could be a special organized event for your corporation. Find our more at the corporate events page.

KEDA Sports Consultancy Events

KEDA also organizes its own events. At the moment KEDA is organizing two international events under its own management. Both our in the sport of bowling.


Do you want a new event in your sport, but not sure how to do this or don't have the time to organize it? KEDA is able to design and to manage your whole event under it's own flag.