KEDA Sports Consultancy Events

KEDA Sports Consultancy organizes also its own sports events. In the near future many new sports events will follow, but at the moment KEDA organizes two international bowling tournaments. Both are part of the European Bowling Tour. 

The Scheveningen Dutch Open 2017

The Scheveningen Dutch Open 2017 is a brand new bowling event and the first event owned by KEDA. The event has the goal to raise the standard for European Bowling Tour event. This is done by focussing on the experience of all stakeholders. Bowling is entertainment and needs to be an unforgettable experience to all. Find out more about the event at the event website


The Antwerp Belgian Open 2018

The Brussels Belgian Open is the second international bowling event by KEDA. The event has the same goal as The Scheveningen Dutch Open and is meant to spread the vision of KEDA throughout Belgium and Europe. Find out more at

The Rotterdam Youth Masters 2018

Our first youth event. The past years the youth A tournaments in The Netherlands vanished. KEDA is going to bring them back. The first tournament will be in Bowling IJsselmonde in Rotterdam. More information at 

The Hoofddorp Youth Masters 2018

Our second youth event and our second youth A tournament in The Netherlands. Held in Claus Bowling Hoofddorp. More information at